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  Power Wand

Why use a standard wand when you can get a combination of powerful brush agitation and speed in a super lightweight attachment with wheels—all at a bargain price! So lightweight and maneuverable, the Powermate will triple your productivity. No more backaches and fatigue from slow, tedious cleaning with a wand. The Powermate attaches to any portable unit to remove deeply imbedded soil and grit at record speed! A high-speed cylindrical brush gets down to the base of the carpet fibers for more effective cleaning. Available with 1¼" (1202AC) or 1½" (1204AC) diameter handle. Choice of standard unit up to 100 PSI or high heat up to 300 PSI.



Weighs only 15 lbs.
See-through front cover.
Sealed, stainless steel ball bearings.
High-speed 2500 RPM brush for deep cleaning.
Heavy-duty aluminum handle.
Adapts to all EDIC extractors.

1202 AC, UP TO 100 PSI,   $ call

1202 ACH, UP TO 300 PSI,  $call 

Must specify 1 1/4" or 1 1/2" handle

      Power Wand

The ultimate in speed and power for a deep down clean! Powermate 1800AC attaches to any portable or truck mount extractor for cleaning tough, dirty high-traffic areas. An 18" wide cleaning path and high-speed brush save valuable time and reduce operator fatigue. This power brush is designed to clean right up to baseboards and into corners. Its fully adjustable handle fits any size operator and the low profile makes it a breeze to get under furniture.

0-90 degree adjustable handle plus fingertip controls
for easy handling.
High-speed chevron-style brush for deep cleaning.
See-through sight glass to monitor recovery.
Heavy-duty steel handle.
Adapts to all EDIC extractors.
5 Spray Tips


1800 AC, UP TO 100 PSI,   $ call

1800 ACH, UP TO 500 PSI,  $ call


Cleaning Width 12 inches/18 inches
Housing Ultra high-impact ABS
Brush Cylindrical; Tynex bristles
Brush Motor 1/12 HP/1/6 HP
Brush Speed 2500 RPM/2100 RPM
Electrical Draw 1.0 amps/1.25 amps
Power Cord 25 ft.
Weight 15 lbs./47 lbs.
Shipping Weight 25 lbs./54 lbs.
Ship Dimensions 49" x 18" x 13"
58" x 22" x 10"
1 year on parts and labor


Through it’s innovative design, the Spinmaster™ gives you the power to tackle even the toughest of carpet cleaning jobs. The multiple extraction heads rotate at over 650 cleaning passes per minute, providing the number of cleaning passes in a few minutes that would take a manual wand hours.

UNDER $call

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