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Portable Carpet Cleaning Machine Start Up Packages

Pick your extractor from the extractor pages.  Then pick the package you feel will benefit you.  We will try to steer you in the right direction.

Portable start up packages

Economy Package # 1

Economy Package # 2 for heated extractors Premium Package # 3
Upholstery hand wand for non heated extractors, Polymer head X    
Upholstery hand wand for heated extractors, Stainless steel head   X X
Carpet rake - used to raise pile. X X X
Carpet brush - used to scrub carpet. X X X
Air Mover- used to speed the drying of carpets     X
Stair wand - stainless steel     X
17" 1.5 hp Floor scrubber with carpet scrubbing brush and bonnet holder - used to pre-scrub carpets prior to extraction, bonnet clean carpets when dry time is important and strip and wax floors.     X
Dual brush carpet scrubber - used to pre-scrub carpets prior to extraction X X  
Spotting brushes - 2 each X X X
Spray Bottles - 3 each X X X
Pressure sprayers - 2 each - Used for pre-sprays and carpet protectors. X X X
Commercial heavy duty vacuum cleaner - 12 " Sanitaire type     X
Spotting package  A - 5 different spot removers X X  
Spotting package B - 7 different spot removers     X
Furniture moving skids     X
Plastic furniture leg tabs X X X
Carpet cleaning guide book X X X
1 gal of each: Liq 90, TLC, Defoamer, Upholstery cleaner, Kill odor deodorant, X X  
3 gals of each: Liq 90, TLC, Defoamer, Upholstery cleaner, Kill odor deodorant,     X
25' Hose set with connectors to extend your cleaning abilities     X






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